Zard contemporary dance performance:

Director: Sayeh Kazemi
Dancers: Masoud Alireza, Tara Tourandokht, Rasha Moradi, Behrouz Parnian
Music: Sepehr Haghighi

The concept of power could be described as a shapeless vast network. A broad condition which every subjective mind borrows its symbols from that. Therefore this concept defines our relations and acts and in this way, with symbolizing the experience, descends our understanding of existing to known symbols.
Zard is a representation of this situation, and It does it with 4 actors. 3 actors confront the 4th one, which his dress has taken away his body shape, and he is shapeless (as the power itself). This actor is effecting the other 3 actors during the performance, and all these actions and counter-actions are being narrated sonically with the music itself.

You can access the soundtrack’s download link in here.