Music, Communication and Technology Projects

Group projects that have been performed, during the Music, Communication and Technology program.

My group mates are: Jørgen Nygård Varpe, Espen Wik and Sam Roman.

Group made instrument:

A network based instrument with a signal chain that sends a sound source from one place to another in real time, processing the signal at each stage. We chose a mobile telephone as the communication device, sending the signal in this case from one university campus to another (University of Oslo to NTNU). The performance was then explored further with mobile phone gestures. The setup would eventually pass the sound signal back to its original source; creating wanted or unwanted feedback elements that allowed further experimentation. For more information, please check this link.


DSP/CSound/Instrument Design/Network performance:

Our group, performing our combined CSound based creations.
Please read the full description of our instruments and preparation process, on this link.