Carnivalesque (Previously as Plural Atoms)

“Carnivalesque” (Previously as “Plural Atoms”) is an Experimental Post Progressive Rock project, containing 4 band members at the moment: Rouzbeh Esmaeili (Drums), Sepehr Haghighi (Vocals, Guitars and Keyboards), Sina Golnoghreh (Bass Guitar) and Mojtaba Panahi (Tar and Vocals). Since 2012, the band has released several albums under the name of “Plural Atoms”, without the presence of “Mojtaba Panahi”. Though from 2016 the band continued its work under the name of “Carnivalesque” and he was added to the band main line up. “Carnivalesque” has released 2 singles so far as is planing to release 2 more, till the release of its first album.
Production, Mixing and Mastering are done by Sepehr Haghighi.
You can access the “Plural Atoms” albums and info via its bandcamp and facebook page. Also for more info and updates regarding “Carnivalesque” you could check our facebook, instagram and bandcamp pages and also our telegram channel!

Sina Golnoghreh (Bass Guitar)
Rouzbeh Esmaeili (Drums)
Sepehr Haghighi (Guitars, Keys and Vocals)
2017-04-29 01.36.42
Mojtaba Panahi (Tar and Vocals)

Also “Plural Atoms” had some guest members, collaborating with it occasionally. If you liked the music, we do appreciate your support via liking and following us!