New single, from “Surplus”, called “Scream” has been released!

First single from the upcoming album of “Surplus” has been released. It’s called “Scream” and “Shadi Movahedi” appears on it as the guest vocalist.
The lyric is taken from the english translation of the poem, “A Scream” by “Ahmad Shamlou”. The translation is done by “Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh”.
Also the production is done by “Sepehr Haghighi”.
Hope you enjoy listening to it! Please share, if you enjoyed it!

Download and streaming link: bandcamp

تک آهنگ اول از آلبوم بعدی «سرپلاس‌(مازاد)» با نام «اسکریم (فریاد)»، با حضور «شادی موحدی»، به عنوان خواننده ی مهمان عرضه شد.
ترانه ی این اثر از ترجمه ی انگلیسی شعر «فریادی…» از «احمد شاملو»، توسط‌«جیسون بابک محقق» برگرفته شده است.
«سپهر حقیقی» عهده دار تهیه کنندگی اثر می باشد.
امید که از شنیدن آن لذت ببرید!

There is no greater wish left for me,
than to ascend in search of a forsaken scream.
In the company of a shattered lantern or without its company,
anywhere in this land
in this sky

Oh, all you gates of the universe!
Aid me,
in the recovery of my forsaken scream!

A scream that one midnight,
emanated from some unknown necessity,
fled toward an invisible sky…

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